What our Families are Saying

Looking forward to next week, Maggie really enjoys colours (and food).

Flossie LOVED it, Thanks again

Hola Moira! I want to thank you very much for doing this online lessons and bringing a bit of normality in our lives. Muchas gracias!

We did enjoy your online session and I think you do an amazing job.

Michael would be very keen on more spanish lessons and he thoroughly enjoyed todays.

Grace looks forward to the lesson every week 🙂

Darcey really enjoyed the zoom class, we would be interested in signing up to online course.

Thank you so much for running the sessions Oliver was soooo excited. I have never known him be so decisive! He used the word ‘definitely’ when I asked him if he wanted to do it, which is unknown as he usually takes a few weeks to mull things over, often by which time it is too late 😂 Muchas Gracias