French & Spanish Tutor

Moira is a freelance French & Spanish tutor based in Cheltenham that specialises in creating tailor-made language training programmes for both children and adults. She is a native Spanish speaker with a degree in Modern Languages.

Moira has a dynamic style of teaching and uses storytelling, song, dance and movement, games, films as well as media reports to creatively engage students in learning Spanish. Students’ range in abilities, from having no prior knowledge of French & Spanish to GCSE and A’ Level and has also worked closely with one child with learning difficulties. Moira has completed the La Jolie Ronde teacher-training following the La Jolie Ronde methodology.

Prior to becoming a language tutor, Moira worked in the financial services industry for over a decade, including leading institutions such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters.

More about Moira

Moira comes from a large multicultural family and was born in Quebec, Canada to a Spanish Mother from Barcelona and African Father from The Gambia. She had an international upbringing and was raised speaking Spanish, French, Catalan, and English simultaneously.

She has travelled the world and has therefore been immersed in many different cultures and languages. As a mother of two secondary school aged daughters has personal experience of working with young children and her passion is to bring languages to life through fun stimulating activities.

Moira Jallow Vulart
Licensee – French & Spanish Tutor