04-CKJS Years 3,4,5,6 / French / Tues 1pm

Charlton Kings Junior School

Our award winning programme contains lots of stories, action chants, songs and games so that the children learn the language just like young French and Spanish children do and in the same was as they have learnt their mother tongue.


Term 2020 (TBC)
– weeks: TBC
Start: TBC
End: TBC

Tuesday 1pm


Cost: TBC
(per session: TBC)

Description: CKJS Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 French


East End Rd
Charlton Kings
GL53 8QE

New students

French activity pack

A fun and motivational pupil activity book accompanies this course alongside a CD and parent guide for independent work at home. The activity book is worked on at the end of the class to summarise what has been learnt. This is a one-time purchase for new students.


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