French & Spanish Classes

Reception & Primary Children aged 4-11 years in Gloucestershire

Welcome to Language Lodge! We have been teaching La Jolie Ronde methodology for language learning in Gloucestershire for nearly 10 years.

We are a team of linguists who have a passion for language and enjoy imparting our knowledge to our pupils. We work hard on pronunciation and ensure the children get the opportunity to speak, sing and sometimes shout in the language they are learning!

Available to learn in either French or Spanish, children progress through the 4 programmes and over a 6 year period. There are 3 different starting points so children can start learning French or Spanish with La Jolie Ronde whatever their age following a programme tailored to their age group. The topics are based on real life situations suited to the interest, experience and social development of each age group.

From day one children will speak their chosen language and as they progress through the programme they will begin to read and write independently.




La Jolie Ronde classes are award winning!

Our classes use programmes which are centered around methodology  based on real communication situations. Children will benefit from a structured and progressive programme and over time will begin to speak, read and write independently. This gives children the opportunity to excel and enjoy a fun and positive approach to language learning ready for when they approach languages at secondary school.